A Taste of Coastal Bliss: Surfly x Social Coffee Collab

A Taste of Coastal Bliss: Surfly x Social Coffee Collab

In honor of the Set Sail Collection launch, Surfly has partnered with Social Coffee to craft a drink that captures the essence of the collection. The Set Sail Cappuccino features Madagascar vanilla bean paste, a hint of maple syrup, and a sprinkle of black lava sea salt.

Social Coffee, a cherished spot in Wrightsville, holds a special place in Surfly’s story. This former residential home turned coffee haven provided support and inspiration during Surfly’s planning and design phase. As a regular, I can vouch for their thoughtful seasonal menus and specialty drinks.

The Set Sail Cappuccino is a symphony of the hues of the collection: from the smooth vanilla undertones reminiscent of Carolina, to the subtle dance of black lava sea salt representing Jet Black and Salt, each sip transports you into the Surfly coastal lifestyle.

Surfly and Social, united by a commitment to craftsmanship and community, invite you to experience this collaboration. Join us for the Surfly x Social Collab, available at both locations from February 7-28, 2024. Snap a photo and tag us when you try it!

Social Locations:


4718 Oriole Dr


5317 Wrightsville Ave

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