Guide: Wrightsville Beach Coffee, Bevs, & Sweet Treats

Guide: Wrightsville Beach Coffee, Bevs, & Sweet Treats

Wrightsville Beach is known for not only its crystal blue summer waters and California-style beaches, but it also has the most amazing spots for a quality coffee, craft beverage, or quick sweet treat. See my favorites below!

Social Coffee Supply Co.

Social Coffee has swiftly claimed a spot among my favorite coffee havens in Wrightsville. Located in a former residential home, Social Coffee embraces its homey atmosphere with its kind baristas, inviting setup with large tables and couches, outdoor seating areas with lights, and its mission to “love others through coffee.” They have two locations: one on Wrightsville Ave., and another on Oriole Drive. I love their thoughtfully curated seasonal menus, and “The Sunshine” with oat milk is my go-to, with orange peel, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Try their coffee flight to sample 4 flavors of your choice! Whether you’re meeting a friend for coffee or need to grind on some work, Social never disappoints. Check out the Surfly x Social collab at either location February 7-28, 2024.


SUNdays is the coffee shop directly above the beloved South End Surf Shop. Adorned with beautiful art, cute merch, and lounge areas, SUNdays is for everyone. I love the “Stand 12” smoothie (add blueberries), and you can’t go wrong with a classic iced vanilla latte. Stop by at Happy Hour for a cold beer or kombucha on tap. $3 draft on Mondays; $3 wine on Wednesdays. And don’t forget to go downstairs and check out the latest Surfly collection;).

The Workshop

The Workshop is nestled conveniently in the heart of WB. Sharing their passions of scuba diving and coffee, this small shop is a beautiful display of shark teeth jewelry, Megalodon teeth, and top-notch coffee. My favorite is the cold brew with coconut water: the coconut water cuts the bitterness, and adds the perfect touch of sweetness. Not to mention their bagel sandwiches and almond butter toast. Pause your beach day for a refreshing coffee break at the Workshop!

Lighthouse Beer and Wine

From friendly staff who are prepared to answer all your questions, to the adorable outdoor beer garden, you’ll never want to leave this little Wrightsville gem. Whether you’re here to purchase the perfect vino for a girls wine and pizza night on the beach or looking to catch up with a friend with a glass on tap, you’ll find everything you need at Lighthouse Beer and Wine. Discover our top recommendations: The Crossings or Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc. For the adventurous souls, don’t miss the Bonnie Doon Vineyard “Le Cigare Orange” or Disco orange wine. Embrace your beach bum upon arrival, and depart as an educated wine connoisseur.


Look no further than Bespoke for the finest coffee experience in downtown Wilm. Situated on the corner of Princess St, the large windows flood this space with natural light, giving you a dose of Vitamin D as you order your beautifully crafted latte. Everything in here is art. They use house mugs, which elevate your experience and make you feel warm and cozy. Bespoke is a must if you take a trip to downtown Wilmington.


Adapt has secured its spot on not one, but two Surfly Club guides, a testament to my adoration for this amazing place! It’s not just the caffeine that offers benefits here; add adaptogens like Reishi and Ashwagandha in your latte to boost cognitive function, clarity, and hormone balance. I also love to add any of their housemade flavors like the vanilla and honey lavender. Their refreshing organic cold pressed juices are to live for, and the “Lovely Lisa” takes the cake.

The Ibis Bar

A new and much-needed addition to Downtown Wilm is the Ibis Bar. Nestled in the vibrant Sodapop District, the Ibis Bar is a one-of-a-kind experience for lovers of craft beverages and high-fidelity audio. The award-winning bartenders, cutting-edge Hi-Fi system by Gravity Records, and locally roasted coffee are the pinnacle of sophistication. Whether you need some caffeine and a vibey spot to get some work done, or you’re searching for a pre-dinner cocktail, you need to try this special place.

Maven Coffee

This specialty coffee and espresso bar is a fusion of artistry and passion for coffee. For those in pursuit of a high-quality, luxury latte, your search ends at Maven Coffee. Each latte is crafted with freshly roasted Colombian coffee beans. No need to be a coffee aficionado, the expert baristas will explain the process in a way that makes you feel like one. I tried the campfire latte: a smooth latte with graham cracker-infused milk, crowned with a delightful homemade marshmallow. They use a specialty smoke infuser to enhance the sweetness of the coffee without adding loads of sugar. That’s my kind of place. They also offer “coffee cuppings” akin to wine tastings, but tailored for coffee enthusiasts. This is coffee’s take on fine dining!

Blue Cup Roastery

Stop by Wilmington’s only container coffee shop: Blue Cup Roastery. Located in the cargo district, their coffee is roasted in-house. Try the Matcha Lavender Lemonade for a citrus boost, or the Coconut Pistachio Latte. With other container shops next door, you can hit all the stops with just a few steps: delicious poke bowls, amazing breakfast sandwiches, and cute jewelry shops. 


Booms, as we like to call it, is the coolest ice cream shop. If it was a person, we would want to be best friends. With endless flavor options and dairy/gf options, there’s something for everyone. We love the Cinnamon Caramel Oatmeal Cookie flavor, Banana Pudding, and the classic Chocolate Fudge Brownie. You can even tailor a custom “Boom Box” and get your fav flavs delivered right to your door!

The Ice Cream Stand

Cool off and take a break from the hot sun with the Original Ice Cream Stand treats. Located right off the beach, you’re only steps away from a refreshing italian ice or delicious scoops of ice cream. This charming walk-up has been here since 1994, and its classic set up sparks nostalgia and joy. Don’t be deterred by the long line–it’s only because the ice cream here is DELISH! Enjoy<3

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