What to Get Your Bestie for Her Birthday

What to Get Your Bestie for Her Birthday

This is YOUR best friend! You know her best. And no gift-guide filled with trendy trinkets could capture the perfect gift for them. At least, I don’t think so.

So, instead of a regular-old gift guide, here’s my best advice on how to give the perfect gift for your besties birthday this year:

Listen more. 

Give a gift that makes her feel HEARD!

The perfect gift can be given just by listening intentionally.

I’ve been grateful to actually make a career from gift giving, but in my personal life, here are some of the ways I love to make my best friends feel special on their birthday.

If your best friend has confided in you about work being stressful, consider planning + covering a spa day for the two of you to enjoy as a gift! And, if you can, go the extra distance and book it in advance (Be sure to take a glimpse at her calendar!)

If she sends you an IG DM about a new restaurant that opened in your city, gather her closest friends and make a reservation to celebrate with her! Taking care of the birthday girl on her day is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. 

If you’ve noticed your bestie has been adding some pilates workouts to her routine, invest in a pack of SolidCore classes for her or pay for FORM membership! Useful gifts are the best gifts. Practical luxuries, if you will. 

If she works from home and you know she lives in comfy basics? Surprise her with a matching Surfly set!

You get the gist. 

Listening to your best friend with a “gifting brain” will help you give the perfect gift and make her loved! May all of your besties feel SO celebrated this year.

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